Do you rock at rock painting?


Summers have ended and so has the fun, because schools have almost begun. But, hey! You don’t have to feel gloomy like the upcoming weather. You can always help the kids brighten up the day. Well, what use will those pebbles come to that they picked during the vacation, when back on their way? Bring them out and add colour to your surroundings. Let us show you how!

Things you will need:
• Smooth rocks / pebbles (picked during vacation or from the
plant nursery)
Camlin Synthetic Gold Hair Round Brushes (series 66)
Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colour 12 Assorted Colours Set
• Varnish
• Newspaper or table cover

Let’s get rocking!

Here are 5 quick and easy cutesy things you can create using rocks.

1. Strawberries

Decorate your garden, add colour to your potted ferns or simply place these in a plate to beautify the dinner table – these rocky strawberries can pose a pride of place at any of these settings and more. Begin with gathering as many triangular pebbles as you can. Paint a layer of red. Once it dries, give it light green leaves with a dark green border. Add tiny black dots followed by white ones, once dry. Your rocky strawberries are ready.

2. Snake

Paint oval shaped rocks with black paint. Once the paint dries, use the smallest brush and go all out in decorating these black rocks with multi-coloured patterns; the brighter the colours the better. Now paint eyes on one of these black rocks and paste the end of a red gift ribbon to it for the tongue. Arrange these rocks in a way that they look like a coiled snake. Place them in your garden or let the kids use it to scare their siblings.

3. Plant Markers

Do you own a kitchen garden? What better than to use these pebbles in the form of markers! Choose rocks that resemble the vegetable you want to mark. Paint over using the colour of the vegetable. Give it a white outline, once the paint is dry enough. Now write the name of the vegetable on it and place this marker in the pot or the patch the vegetable grows in. Fancy, isn’t it?

4. Tiny Pricklies

If you are bad at keeping plants alive (even cacti), here is a super simple way to keep one without worrying about you forgetting to water it! Find a few flat, curvy rocks (preferable of different sizes), colour them your favourite green. Create crosses, circles and stars, using white, to resemble cacti thorns, once the green dries. Once dry, place these in a plastic pot that you can place at home or your work desk and admire the beauty of nature that you and the kids created with your own hands!

5. Beetles

Where there’s such a lovely garden, there ought to be some creepy crawlies too! Pick the curviest, oval-shaped pebbles. Colour them all of your favourite colours. Use black and white to add detailing like spots and eyes. Place these beauties in your garden or use them as paperweight.

Pro tip: Add a sheen to your coloured rocks with a coat of varnish.

Comment below and let us know how you and the kids liked this quick and easy colouring activity.

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