DIY Paper Heart Garlands


Who said you can decorate your home with little hearts only when it’s Valentine’s Day? That’s like saying love cannot be celebrated any other day!

Here’s a DIY paper garland making idea you can do at home, to add a sweet touch to your décor. It is budget-friendly and easy to make.

Your DIY garland supplies should include:
• A heart scraping punch
• Scrapbook paper
• Monofilament fishing line
Camlin White Glue
• Scissors

Steps to make DIY paper garland:

Step one:
Make a bunch of paper hearts out of your scrapbook paper with the help of the heart scraping punch. You require two hearts for every three-dimensional heart on the garland.

Step two:
Make a small cut at the bottom, middle section of the heart, as shown in the image below.

Step three:
Slide two hearts together. Repeat until you have all your little hearts ready.

Step four:
Cut a length of the fishing that suites you and glue to small sections, spread evenly across the length. Place the little hearts over the glue and leave to dry so that they stick properly.

Step five:
Once all your little hearts dry, coax them back into their three dimensional shape.

Your DIY paper heart garland is ready!

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