DIY Hot air balloon home decor


Spring is almost here and we have just the art project for you that will make an awesome home decor item! This ‘hot air balloon’ art project made with vibrant colours is the perfect accompaniment to the spring season.

What you will need:
• A double-sided wrapping paper by the size of 12×12 that is
7 inches long.
• Cardboard
• Scissors
Camlin Krafty Glue
Camlin Pencils
Print out of the balloon templates
• Cello tape
• Foam board
• Brown paper


Step 1: Making the balloon

• Start by printing out both the sides of the balloon template on a scrap paper.
• Next, fold the wrapping paper in half at about 7 inches and line it up with the template.
• Now cut around it. Repeat until you get 12 balloon cut outs.
• Once all the balloons are cut out, trace the balloon onto a scrap paper.
• Tape both the sides of the balloon together to create a complete template.
• This will be your gluing template.
• Write ‘1’ and ‘2’ alternately on the edge of the balloons. Keep a distance of 3 inches between each point as shown in the picture.

• Now place your first folded piece of wrapping paper on the template.
• Open it and place a dot of glue next to each point numbered ‘2’ along the edge of the balloon.
• Next, fold the paper back and press to secure it where the glue dots are.

• Next step, place the glue dots next to the points numbered ‘1’. Line up the second folded paper on top of this and press at the glue dots to secure it in place.
• Fold, press and repeat over and over by adding the glue at the points numbered ‘2’ inside the folder paper and at the points numbered ‘1’ for attaching two pieces of paper together.
• Continue doing this until you have glued all of the 12 pieces of paper together in a stack.
•You will now need the foam board to secure your DIY hot balloon to. Trace both sides of the template of the balloon onto your foam board and cut it out.
• Glue one side of your balloon to the foam board.
• Next carefully open the balloon and glue the other side of it to the foam board.

Step 2: Making the Basket

• To make a little basket for this balloon, cut out a 3 ½” to 2 ½” brown paper. Cut out strips of brown paper of about 1” width each and fold them into halves each.

• Weave the strips of brown paper together. To make the top of the basket, fold over the top part of the vertical strips and secure each with glue.

• Once you have enough vertical pieces you can start weaving in the horizontal pieces of the basket. Leave some slack while doing so, so that the basket does not look flat.

• Finish the basket by taking another piece of brown paper and weaving it into the bottom of the basket. Secure this with glue on both sides. Also secure the bottom part of all the vertical pieces to the bottom back of the board.

• Using some hot glue, attach the balloon to the basket with a string. Glue another piece of string to the back of the balloon and hang it onto a hook as spring home decor.

Did you like this DIY – spring edition? Do let us know in the comments!

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