DIY Flower tree painting with oil pastels


Sakura flowers blushing about in the cold wind of the night, with the backdrop of a full moon is as ‘anime’ as you can get, when it comes to painting! Sakura or cherry blossoms symbolize life, death and rebirth because they bloom only during a short amount of time during a year.

Here is a DIY cherry blossom painting idea from the world of anime that you can make by painting with oil pastels.

What you will need:
Smooth paper
Camlin Oil Pastels
Tissue paper
Camlin Pencil
Graphite Pencil
Paper tape
Masking tape
Camlin correction pen
White glass marking pencil

Step 1:
Take the masking tape and a smooth paper for the step one.


Stick the tape on the paper as shown below.

Stick three thin tapes across the paper as shown in the picture below.

Step 3:

Next you will be painting the background of the painting within each of the four sections using a pair of two crayons each. Start using two shades of green, followed by blue, pink and yellow.

Step 4:

Using a fresh tissue paper for each section, blend the two colours in each of the four sections.

Step 5:

Using a graphite pencil sketch the tree.

Step 6:

Once you are done with sketching the tree, paint the flowers using a white correction pen.

Step 7:

Next paint the stars through dots using the white correction pen.

Step 8:

Using the graphite pencil, draw the branches. Next, use the white crayon, paint the full moon in the blue section.

Step 9:

Now, take the tape off carefully.

Step 12:

Using a scale and a pencil, outline the alternate edge of every section and sketch some shadows around the edges.

Once you are done adding the shadow effect, your painting is ready.

Did you enjoy painting cherry blossoms with Camlin oil pastels with us? Do let us know in the comments below.

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