Now here’s a simple Do-it-Yourself project that you can take on using a couple of simple items you could find at home, in school or a café; Cup-Man! He may not be a superhero (unless you need him to be), but he’s one of those strong, silent types who happens to be a great listener whenever you’ve got problems to share and no-one’s around. Think of him as a buddy to share your woes with.

So let’s get started on creating your new table-top buddy:-

Here’s what you’ll need –


Putting Cup-Man together is quite easy, just follow the simple instructions and he’ll be done in no time.

1) Place one cup upside down and glue another cup standing upright on top so that the bottom of each glass can be glued together. Make sure to hum loudly while doing this, it’ll help make the task a little more fun!

2) Now take the third cup and glue it upside-down over the cup at the top and keep on humming that merry tune.

3) Now get those paints out and you can begin giving your Cup-Man his own personality. Preferably, the uppermost cup should be black (depicting his gentlemanly top hat); the middle cup would need to be skin coloured for his face.

4) Paint the bottom cup in whatever colour that tickles your fancy. This is Cup-Man’s attire, so make it as funky, cool, elegant or casual as you like.


5) And for the final piece, it’s time to give your new buddy a face; using black paint, draw his eyes, a nose, if you think he needs one, and a great big smile. You can be as detailed as you like. You can also stop humming now unless you really want to continue.


That’s it! Cup-Man is now ready to face the world. All hail Cup-Man, friend, desktop companion and a great listener.

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  1. I really enjoyed your design. It is the most insteresting projects I have witnessed. Where did you get your ideas to make this design? Thanks for sharing. I thought it was great. What are your ideas for your next project?

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