Cool DIY Crafts for Your Home This Republic Day


India celebrates its 68th Republic Day this year. Patriotic tunes will be in the air and our tricolour will flutter not just from the masts, but even vehicles as they zoom by. There’s no doubt that symbols of our country will be everywhere for all to see. And here are three great DIY ideas to decorate your home with this Republic Day.

Lotus tea-light holder
As our national flower, this lotus styled DIY candle holder is definitely a wonderful addition to your home. All you need are disposable plastic spoons, Krafty Glue, an empty, disposable fruit cup, Camlin Acrylic paints and tea light candles.

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Break off the spoon handles and start glueing the spoons (face-up) to the empty fruit cup from the top and around the cup. Layer it up to completely cover the cup. Allow the glue to dry and then use the acrylic paints to colour the outsides of the spoons. When the paint has dried, place the tea light inside the container and your lotus tealight holder is ready to light up the day!

Paper roll tiger
You will need a toilet paper roll, orange coloured paper, Krafty Glue, a Camlin black marker, scissor and Camlin Water Paints.

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Carefully measure and glue the orange coloured paper around the roll. With black paint, create the tiger’s stripes on the now orange roll. Draw two paws and a face for the tiger on the remaining orange paper and cut them out. Using the marker, colour the paws (use a paw stamp if you have one) and draw stripes, eyes, a nose and mouth for the face. With the paws facing outwards, stick them onto the lower part of the roll and the face at the top. Fashion a tail from a thick orange thread or cut it out the paper and paint it and stick it on the back, and your paper roll tiger is ready to roar!

Plastic spoon peacock
You will once again need plastic spoons, Camlin Fabric colours, cardboard, gold glitter paper, Krafty Glue and cotton buds.

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First, paint the spoons in designs of blue, yellow and green to resemble a peacock’s feathers. Then draw and cut out a circle (as the base) and the neck, face and beak from the cardboard. Glue the glitter paper on one side of the circle. When the spoons are dry, arrange and glue them on the base. Next colour the tips of the cotton buds in blue paint and glue these (facing downwards) on the neck. Next paint the face in blue and use black and yellow colours to paint the eye and beak. Your decorative peacock can now strut its stuff!

These simple and easy DIYs are great for decorating your home and even better to display your patriotism.

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