Children’s Day Fun with Popsicle Memory Game


It’s Children’s Day! What better time than today to indulge in the games we played as children? The ‘memory game’ is a game that has only gained popularity over the years, in a number of variations. Testing one’s mettle to remember while competing with others is fun! Learn how to make the popsicle memory game. It’s pretty easy!

What you need:

• Popsicle sticks (x12)
• Cutting board
• Smooth white A4 card (x2)
• Scalpel
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Colour printer (or you can outsource the printing)
• Double-sided tape

Steps to make a paper popsicle memory game:

1. Step 1:

Download the design of the popsicle and get two print outs of each design. You should have twelve in all, once done. You can choose matte card or one with a glossy finish. Mix it up if you wish.

2. Step 2:

Using a ruler or a scalpel, score the paper along the dotted line so that you can easily fold it later. Next, cut out the popsicles using a pair of scissors. Make sure you are as precise as you can be, so all your popsicles look identical.

3. Step 3:

Now that your designs are cut out, open out each design and place each one on the table. Place the popsicle stick inside the design and stick a double sided tape around it. Make sure you place the popsicle inside each design exactly the same as the first one to ensure that each stick has the same height.

You can store these in a large glass jar so that you can pour out the contents, every time you wish to play this game. Your popsicles are ready!

For someone who has never played the popsicle memory game before and for those who need a little reminder on how this game works, here are the rules.

With a simple, craft idea, you can play the memory game and indulge the child in you, this children’s day!

Did you try our DIY paper popsicle memory game idea? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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