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With an aim to bring everyone a great experience to create and enjoy art – we, at Camlin, have come to make learning fun for everyone! We are committed to deliver superior quality products to meet all of the diverse demands of the customers all over the world. Below are a few campaigns that won many hearts for Camlin.

Bringing Colours to Dharavi

In 2014, we aimed to create an opportunity for the underprivileged, on Indian Republic Day. Growing up, most children scribble, doodle or draw a mixture of colourful circles or lines. Why should any kid miss out on this wonderful chance to play and learn with colours? So, we decided to take colours to the underprivileged kids in the slums of Dharavi.

Our product hampers were shared with these kids. We asked them to share with us how they would like to celebrate India. The kids then shared their ‘Celebrate India’ art with us along with what inspired them to do so.

Camlin Experience App

Our website features a vast variety of art materials and stationery products. To make sure that the customers understand how the product’s application will look on paper, in 2014, we created a web-based app that gave users a chance to experiment with the products, online, before they made the purchase. Our research showcased that children were getting addicted to digital gadgets which used technology to develop interest in art. However, after using this app, they developed interest in real colours.

This web based ‘Experience App’ won a Gold at the DMAI and a Bronze at the Goa AdFest and the ABBYs.

Mobile-based Experience App

Following the success of the web-based ‘Experience App’, we created and launched the world’s first virtual canvas on mobile! This greatly increased the number of people we could reach, to provide them with a chance to experiment with our products, virtually, before going in for the purchase! The invitation to try the app was spread across all of our social media handles. The mechanism did not differ much from the earlier version – all the users had to do was download the app and then choose the medium and the size of the brush to create virtual art. In doing this, we nurtured a new breed of upcoming smart phone artists.


Camlin Plays with Google Doodle

In 2016, when Google announced its new logo made out of crayons, we took the opportunity to show how playful the brand can be! To welcome the logo change and to highlight the product connect with the crayon-drawn Google Doodle, a video named ‘Love the Change’ was created by us. The video ended with a message – ‘If its crayons, its Camlin’. Through our Twitter account @KokuyoCamlin, we shared this video with @Google in less than 12 hours of their logo change and soon the video went viral! It garnered a large number of views on all of our social media pages.


The first online Kaleidoscope Ganesha

To celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi, while simultaneously making the brand look cool, exciting and contemporary, we launched a platform where Ganesha devotees could create a virtual version of their favourite Ganesha Murti’s decoration. The users were given a blank canvas and our products which they could use to create a festive design around the Ganesha Murti of their choice.

As the user coloured the canvas, it was rendered in a beautiful kaleidoscopic design.

Once they had experimented and created a kaleidoscope, the user was then invited to spread the festive spirit by submitting their creation in the gallery or sharing it in the form of a GIF on their social media channels.

A Gyroscopic Rakhi Innovation

Every year, sisters look for innovative ways through which they can wish their brothers for Rakshabandhan. In 2016, we came up with ‘Gyroscopic Rakhi Innovation’ – the first every Rakhi maker, online. The Gyroscopic Rakhi Innovation was an app that gave people a new way of virtually celebrating Rakshabandhan, especially if the brother and the sister are unable to meet in person!

Users were invited to use our products virtually to create their own unique Rakhis. Once done, the users could submit their creation in the gallery or erase the whole canvas and start afresh.


The application was promoted via posts on Facebook, asking users to create their own unique Rakhis. Finally, the users were to share their creations on Facebook, tagging their brothers in the post.


In 2017, we tied up with Bahubali 2 as their stationery partner. The movie was filled with stunning visuals, making it the perfect subject for creating more art! To make things interesting, we conducted an online contest on Facebook wherein the iconic scenes from the movie were hand-picked and given to users to recreate using our products. The response from our Facebook fans was outstanding! We received artwork from thousands of users, making this campaign a super hit!


With the phenomenal entries that we received, we took the campaign up a notch by compiling some of the best artwork into an animated movie trailer starring the artwork shared by the contestants!

Camlin Launched New Notebooks

In order to create excitement for our newly-launched notebooks, we created a new campaign. To make the activity fun and engaging, we asked users to share their own unique designs. Lucky winners had their designs printed on the covers of our newly launched notebooks. The designs we received were truly amazing and soon this campaign went viral among the art-enthusiastic audience. The contest received over 7,700 crowd sourced artworks! 5 of the best designs were chosen to be printed on the new range of notebooks launched.


Camlin Canvas of Courage

To pay homage to the heroes of the unfortunate incident – the Mumbai Terror Attacks on the 26th of November, 2008, artworks were created to tell the story of these unsung heroes and an exhibition was held for the same. These paintings were presented to the Office of the Police Commissioner of Mumbai. We believe in the philosophy of ‘Art for a cause’, and on the 10th anniversary of the tragic 26/11 terror attack, a small tribute was paid to the brave Mumbai Police and other martyrs for their acts of courage, through these paintings, by students of JJ School of Art. To take this initiative forward, around 30 children of police officials were invited for a craft competition at the Camlin Studio at KidZania, R City Mall. The winners of the competition were gratified with Camlin gift hampers. This event was shared via our social media.


Camlin makes learning fun

We have been actively trying to make learning fun and we know that when the learning is fun, it’s more effective. So, we asked parents about the role that the brand has played in making learning enjoyable for their children and recorded their answers. We got some really interesting replies. We published the video and asked viewers to share their experience of how we have made learning fun for them or their children, to win amazing prizes! 3 lucky entries won prize money and top 100 entries won gift hampers. This contest garnered a lot of engagement and thus we have been successful in adding the fun element to learning.

It has been a great journey – both online and off-line, where we got to do many interesting activations and events to fulfill our goal of making learning fun! We sincerely hope that we continue doing so while also offering you with creative solutions!

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