Benefits of using Camlin Artist Brush Pens


Looking for the next level of creativity? After learning how to work with pencils, brushes and even painting knives, you may feel like you have reached a new plateau of sorts in terms of creating art. Brush pens come as a savior that promises to lift up the boredom of predictability that may slowly set in. Allow yourself to explore a new territory in the world of art.

There are many brush pen benefits that you can use to your advantage in your work.

Here are some benefits of Camlin’s Artist Brush Pens, to help you understand how to use brush pens to the best of your advantage:

Brush pens for calligraphy:

The tip of a brush pen is versatile, allowing the user to try out different strokes and styles. To get the desired outcome, all you need to do is adjust your grip and pressure on the brush pen! This makes brush pens perfect for practicing calligraphy.

Blending powers:

To blend the colours, layer one on top of another on the canvas. Start working on the lighter tones to the darker ones. Before you use the brush pens in your painting, experiment with them to understand the colours that go best with each other.

Variety in colours:

Available in a pack of 12 assorted shades, Camlin’s Artist Brush Pens give the user a beautiful range in colours for their artwork.

Ease of use:

Camlin’s Artist Brush Pens are premium quality brush tip pens made for innovation in creativity. These brush pens give the user the benefit of translucent water colour effect through a pen that is easier to use. You can use them without the need for water, palette or a brush, making the process of painting less messy.

Brush like strokes:

Camlin’s Brush Pens come with a flexible tip that gives the perfect thick as well as fine and thin strokes, giving the effect of a brush.


The ink is permanent once used on the paper, adding to the advantage of storing the painting, making calligraphy, sketching and illustration interesting and long-lasting.

Some other features of Camlin’s Artist Brush Pens include the following:
• Pigment Based Ink
• UV Resistant
• Water Proof Ink
• Permanent Imprint
• Acid Free
• Lightfast Colours
• Soft and Flexible Tip

Simply allow yourself to be inspired by nature and explore your imagination on paper with your brush pens! Once you practice, you will get the hang of it!

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