Benefits of playing with clay, for kids


The minds of children are impressionable. They begin taking in information from quiet a young age and that is what makes it important that children are taught early on, with great care. They learn a great deal from observing the environment and the people closest to them.

There are a number of benefits of learning art for children. Some of them include good memory skills along with emotional and mental development through self expression. Clay modeling is a fun way to create something and play ‘make believe’ for kids.

Here are five reasons children should play with clay:

1. Motor Skills:

The touch and feel of clay has a naturally relaxing quality to it. This quality invites children to be able to press the clay, squeeze and poke it, reshape it into as many shapes the child wants to. Children can explore their own dexterity, strengthening their motor skills, while also enjoying the activity.

2. Problem-solving Skills:

Unlike painting and drawing, clay helps children understand the three dimensional aspect of this world. Working with clay also helps the child develop an ability to adapt to changes, as they have to work around limitations of clay, as a medium, in art. Their problem-solving skills can thus be explored when the child gets to decide how far they can take the clay, to create a tall shape out of it, before it breaks and falls. The child has to understand the visual of how the final product is going to look like.

3. Therapy of Expression:

Clay is majorly a tactile medium that has a calming effect on children as well as adults. The reshaping of the clay, freely as can be, is a healthy outlet for emotions.

4. Self Esteem:

To create something from scratch is indeed something to be proud of and empowering. Reshaping the clay is simple for kids, as clay is a material that is easy to mold. Playing with clay and molding it can help the child develop a sense of control. After the child is done shaping the clay, he/she will feel accomplished.

5. Imagination:

Playing with clay is not only safe but also a lot of fun! It encourages the child to get messy without hurting them. Through clay, a child can bring imagination to life. There are a lot of clay modeling tools available for kids today that help the child create different shapes, easily.

Clay modeling for kids can be really fun and educative! If you are looking to encourage your kids to start playing with clay, try Camlin’s Creative Clay that comes in 12 different shades!

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