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These days, with fast-paced lifestyles and tons of video content to consume via cable, YouTube and the many, many other digital channels via multiple displays, it’s extremely important to also spend some real time with your kids. At Camlin, we try to encourage creativity by bringing out your child’s inner artist. We aim to motivate you to be the encouragement every child needs to stop staring a screen and start getting their gray-cells bouncing around with creativity. So we’ve put together a short list of some interesting and creative activities you and your child can spend time doing. Take a look:-

1. Magnetic Sculptures

What you’ll need are a few things you can get from your local hardware store – a box of various sized nuts and bolts, a few screws (not the pointy ones for wood), a little primer, sandpaper and a few ceramic magnets. From your local arts and crafts store, get yourself some Camlin Acrylic Paints and paint brushes. You’ll also need a couple of large metal lids off of some old cans. With all of these items, you’re good to go.

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Start off by prepping your “art material” and this is something only the adults should do –sandpaper the nuts, bolts, screws and the lids. Add a little primer and let it dry. After the primer has set, your child is now free to paint these items in various colours. They can also add a little Camlin Krafty glue and glitter to some of the items to add a little pizzazz.

Use the large lids primarily as a base (with a magnet to hold it in place) and let your child’s imagination run wild as they create metal sculptures in all shapes and forms using the magnets and the other items.

2. The Travel Scrapbook

Travelling with kids can be quite interesting and if you want to make the trip educational, here’s an extremely creative way to do so. This little scrapbook idea will help you get your child ready prior to each trip. What you need to get started is some cardboard, a Paper Punch, folder rings, card paper and a few arts and craft items including glue, brush pens, colour pencils, crayons, glitter colours, puffy stick on alphabets.

To start with, the cardboard pieces should be cut into A4 sized sheets to be used as the front and back end of the scrapbook. Punch 3 holes on the side and run the rings through both creating a folder (this is just more fun than buying a folder off the shelf). The card paper should also be cut into multiple A4 sized sheets that would be utilised for each location. Decorate the front of the folder with Camlin’s Fabrica 3d Colours, pictures of various locations or stick a world map as the base using Camlin’s Krafty Glue with everything else on top. Give your scrapbook a name for which you can use the puffy alphabets.

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For each location, print or cut out of old magazines or newspapers photos of the various landmarks and write a little snippet about each using Camlin Brush Pens. You can also add lace borders and use crayons to draw the flag of the country (if travelling abroad) you visit. Postcards and stamps are also a great way to add a little more colour and vibrancy to each locale. Add a little tab to each page where you could add a stamp or paint the country’s flag to signify the location. You could also just write the name with the brush pen.

This scrapbook will help your child gain some knowledge about the places you visit as well the world and its various cultures in general. Toss in a few family photos etc. when you get back to make it more personal and interesting.

3. Colourful Glue Art

Now this is quite interesting, especially if you love blending colours. It doesn’t require too much in way of material other than a few round plastic lids you can find from old containers at home, a lot of Camlin’s Krafty White Glue, some water colours, string and a Paper Punch.

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First, open up the Krafty Glue tubes and pour out the glue into the lids; careful not to spill any. Next, get out the Camlin Student’s Water Colours; pick 3-4 options for each lid. Add a couple of drops of each colour to the lids and stir them around carefully with a toothpick, blending them. Avoid blending them too much; allow the colours to fold into each other for a more vibrant effect. When that’s done, let it dry. Once dry, simply extract the glue base from the lid, punch a hole at the top and attach the string; voila, a psychedelic piece of hanging art. You can join a few together by hanging them at different heights, in various sizes to make it more interesting.

The point of these activities is to enable you to spend some quality time with your kids while allowing them to expand their minds and get creative.

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