6 Perfect Children’s Day Gifts for Creative Kids 


The mind of a child is exceptionally creative; innocence and imagination allow them to believe that anything is possible. This Children’s Day, instead of toys here are a few options to consider as presents to help boost the creativity and imagination of our children.

For Budding Artists
If the child loves drawing and painting, there is a range of top quality paint supplies you can gift them. Here are 3 items you should definitely consider:-

  • Camlin Synthetic Gold Hair Round Brushes These international quality brushes are great when using acrylic and/or water colours. They are carefully crafted with wood handles and feature seamless nickel plated ferrules, which make them long lasting and attractive.


  • Students’ Oil Colours What’s painting without quality colours? Available in 42 shades, Camlin’s Students’ Oil Colours offer the best results because of their quality. They are ideal for student artists.

For The Hobbyist
Children who are fond of arts and crafts often look to express themselves in their spare time. As a result, you get creative hobbyists. Here are some gifts that they’d love:-

  • Fabrica Colours – Easy and simple to use, these colours are perfect for hobbyists because they can be used on various surfaces like earthenware, canvas, fabrics, and wood. Better still, these paints don’t require a medium, making them great for hobbyists of any age.


  • Camel Sparkle Colours Available in several shades, these sparkle colours are great for using on various surfaces like thermocol, glass, plastic, and earthenware. Another great thing about these colours is that they can be washed off and are non-toxic, making them ideal for kids.

For The Studious Children
It does not matter if the child you know has a creative streak or not. There are a number of wonderful items you can gift those kids who are more studious as well:-

  • Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen – For children who are studious and love academics, the Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen is a great gift. It’s sleek and stylish and is crafted with a gold plated nib that makes it more attractive.


  • Camlin Galaxy – The Camlin Galaxy geometric box is the perfect gift for an academically inclined child. The additional components this box includes can help children hone other academically related talents.

So, this Children’s Day, give our children something that will shape their talents and inspire them to push their creative boundaries.

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