6 Essentials every Hobbyist must always keep handy



Every avid Hobbyist is constantly bubbling with interesting craft ideas to try out. The itch to make any artwork starts at the sight of an empty can, newly bought craft papers or even simply while stumbling upon a new technique! And at moments like these, nothing is worse than the horrible feeling of not having the essential requirements! So here is a list of 6 absolute must-haves that every hobbyist must keep handy at all times:

1.     Glue

The ultimate and most important must have for any Hobbyist is Glue. Be it crafting ideas with paper, plastic, pottery, mirrors or anything else, glue is a constant requirement. Various surfaces have specific kinds of glue that work best for them, but the all-purpose glue like Camlin Krafty White Glue can come in handy most of the times. As a Hobbyist, it is vital to make sure you have a stock of glue all the time and not put yourself in a sticky situation!

2.     Poster Colours

When it comes to painting, poster colours are the easiest to use and also come in bright shades! It is important to make sure the poster colours are easy to mix, and dry quickly like the Camel Poster colours, so you can enjoy the beautiful feeling of painting while creating your very own master piece!

3.     Sparkle colours

No matter what craft work you are making, adding that touch of shimmer to it with Camel Sparkle Colours gives it that perfect magical look. Sparkle comes in different colours and so, contrasting the sparkle to the background colour is also a great idea. The best advantage of sparkle colours is that they can be used on diverse surfaces like thermocol, plastic, glass and pottery. So, stack some Sparkle at home all the time & give your next craft a sparkly touch!

4.     Water Colour Pencils

One of the best colouring tools that a Hobbyist absolutely must have is water colour pencils! This is an easy two-in-one option of making beautiful water colour pictures as well as colour pencil drawings! It is important to have water colour pencils that are superior in quality with thick lead like the Camlin Water Colour Pencils to be able to get the best of both the effects – pencil & water colouring.

5.     Modelling clay

With every art idea, there are a million ways to make it better! With modelling clay there is no end to creating something new. Be it fridge magnets, pencil covers or anything else, the more colours of clay, the more detailing one can try out. Camlin Modelling Clay doesn’t dry up and so can be used again and again. Therefore, improvising on previously made clay models is even easier! Another great way of using modelling clay is adding it to any other paper craft creations. This gives it a lovely 3D effect to the artwork!

6.     Multiple Brush Set

An absolute must-have for any hobbyist is a brush set specialized for different brush strokes. With just change in finger movement and change in pressure, making different patterns is so much easier!

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  1. Read the article and checked my collection. I had it all, just didn’t have the glue. Thanks for reminding me what I needed to buy. I also didn’t have modeling clay as I was not so much into sculpting; but thinking of buying a set now.

  2. Thanks for naming products, which are integral parts of the wonderful range of craft supplies from Camlin. I have some of them already and will buy the rest soon, probably in a week’s time. I know they will make my leisure more thrilling.

  3. How did you know that I was trying to know what craft supplies I must have in my cupboard to be at my creative best? I was browsing the web just to know what items I can purchase when I came across this post from you. Thanks a ton, for helping me at the right time.

  4. For me, modeling clay was something that could only be used for creating models of different objects. For me, the only way to add 3D effect to an artwork was using innovative methods of folding paper. This post has taught me that modeling clay has another strong application and there are other ways of adding 3D effects to artworks. I have already tried using modeling clay for adding 3D effects to some of my artworks and the results are truly amazing.

  5. I really liked reading this article. I am not into art and craft, but this article makes me feel that having some of these items in my collection will surely make my spare time more pleasurable.

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