4 Tips to get really good at oil painting


Been painting for a while and want to start oil painting? Looking for inspiration? Art exercises can be a fun way to experiment with your painting!

Here are 4 tips on how you can get really good at oil painting – no matter what your landscape!

1. Try a limited palette:

You will need:
Camel Artist Oil Colours: 1 tube each of the colours: Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White, Blue French Ultramarine, Red Cadmium.
4 canvases, each in the size 5 x 7” or 8 x 10”
The brushes in sizes you prefer
• 4 pictures that you want to paint

You might not be able to copy the exact same shades as captured in the picture but what will end up happening is, your painting will be a moment that probably did exist before or after the actual picture was taken. Using just 4 shades of colours can first seem daunting but it can actually be quiet liberating. Using just these four basic shades can really amp up your oil painting game. One huge advantage of using a limited palette is that the colour harmony happens naturally!


2. A large brush for a small painting:

You will need:
Camel Artist Oil Colours
Flat brush of #10
Canvas size 6 x 8”

This technique is helpful in loosening you up – since it is impossible to get fussy about the details when it comes to using this big a brush on a canvas this small, when compared.
Here’s an opportunity to see how many different types of marks you can make with that brush. You will notice that you will be more decisive when it comes to landing your strokes on your canvas. You can pick something that has simple shapes.

You might be uncomfortable at first but once you get the hang of it, this can come in handy for you while doing preliminary work of value studies.


3. Work on painting a small painting in an hour:

What you will need:
Camel Artist Oil Colours
A canvas 8 x 10”
• A timer

This is another way to loosen up which will help you speed up when the clock is ticking and your time to finish your painting is short. At a time like this, choose a landscape to paint that has the largest, simplest shapes of form and the play of light and shadows.


4. Try out different horizon lines for landscape painting:

You will need:
Camel Artist Oil Colours
3 small canvases the size of 5 x 7” or 6 x 8”

You can try out different permutations and combinations just to see how it looks. Paint on in which you make the sky 90% of your painting frame and make your ground just 10%.
Next paint the exact opposite – 90% will be the ground and 10% will be the sky.


Next one, you can try a proportion that is somewhere in between. Move the elements in your painting around, subtract the trees change up the colour of the sky but make sure that you move the horizon off centre. You will see the whole landscape shift!


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