4 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas


Christmas is almost upon us. Have you decorated your home and put up your tree? Whether you have or not, there’s always a little more you can do to make this time of the year more cheerful. Here are a few DIY Christmas decoration ideas to get you into the holiday spirit while making your home look warm and welcoming:-

1. Mini Christmas Trees
For this simple DIY Christmas decoration, all you need is green chart paper, scissors, sticks, Camlin’s Krafty White glue and glitter. Cut the green chart paper into circles of varying sizes. Fold each disc of paper in an accordion-style to make it fall downwards. Cut small holes at the tip, and fit them through the stick. Fix the other end of the stick on a flat base (thermocol or wood). You can also use glitter to add a sparkly touch to your mini Christmas trees. Place these all over your house and you’re ready for Christmas.

Image Credits: http://www.marthastewart.com/265645/paper-evergreens

2. 3D Paper Stars
These colourful paper decorations are great for hanging on your Christmas tree or anywhere in the house. You will need different kinds of paper for this, glue and shiny thread. I have found that Camlin Krafty glue works well here. Draw and cut out stars of the same size on different types of papers (glossy, printed and plain coloured paper). Fold each star down the middle and stick the folded edges of 2 cut-outs together. Make a hole at the top and pass a bit of shiny thread through it. Tie a knot and your hanging 3D decorations are ready.

3. Shiny Sequin Balls
If you have old baubles lying around, don’t throw them out just yet. All you need is some shiny sequin strands and some Camlin Krafty Glue. Start gluing the sequins strand onto the ornament from the bottom, and glueing work your way to the top. Make sure there are no visible gaps in the sequin. Once you reach the top, cut off the sequin strand and fix it down with a bit of silver tape, and your shiny sequin balls are ready to hang from your Christmas tree.

Image Credits: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/145593000434099795/

4. Thermocol Reindeer
For this you need tracing paper, thermocol, a blade, a black Camlin sketch pen, glue and glitter. With the tracing paper, draw the outline of a reindeer on the thermocol. Use a blade to carefully cut out the shape. Mark the nose and eyes with the sketch pen. Apply the glue all over the reindeer and then dust the glitter powder on it. When dry, tap off the extra glitter and your thermocol reindeer is ready.

Image Credits: http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.in/2013/12/beaded-christmastrees-diorama.html

What are you waiting for? Adorn your home with DIY decorations while you still can and have a Merry Christmas!

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