4 Creative Home DIYs for Environment Day, 2016


World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, is a great opportunity for us all to do something positive to protect our nature. We’ve outlined a few simple, but fun DIYs for you to try out –

1.   Plastic Bottle Planters
Planting saplings is easy, but we’ve got a little twist here to help you make use of those pesky plastic bottles you would have laying around the house. Here’s what you need to do:-

  • Cut an empty plastic bottle in half so you can use both halves separately.
  • Wash and dry both sections thoroughly.
  • Cap the top end bottle and secure it with masking tape.
  • Smoothen out the edges, where you’ve cut the bottle, with sandpaper.
  • Punch 4 holes in the bottle at the open ends at leaving even spaces to attach some twine to hang the bottle with. Use the twine and tie the bottles securely through these holes, by gathering the ends together so that the “planter” is hanging and not veering at different angles.
  • Fill the planter with soil and plant your seeds.
Image Credit: http://goo.gl/T0pdk
Image Credit: http://goo.gl/T0pdk

You can use as many of these planters as you like and even create a series of these to hang on a wall outside your home or in your balcony.

2.   Colourful Terracotta Flower Pots
Why not get creative with your flower pots and add some colour to your little garden? Using Camlin’s Artists Acrylic Colours, you can create some interesting designs on your flowerpots. We recommend using the terracotta variety as opposed to plastic since they’re so much more environment-friendly.  Here’s how you get started:-

  • Firstly clean the pots thoroughly and soak them in warm water for at least an hour;
  • After they’re dry, use slightly watered down paints to create a base colour (if you like) on the pots.
  • After the paint is dry you can let your creativity run wild.
flower pots painted
Image Credit: https://goo.gl/RJ3TLn

It’s that easy and could just inspire you to add a little more greenery around your home which is always a good idea.

3.  Wallpapered Cabinets and Cupboards
Post a wallpapering of your home, there’s often a lot of residue material left over. Rather than simply throwing it all away, you could opt to artistically brighten up your home with a little extra colour. Rather than simply sticking the wallpaper over the entire unit and depending on how much is left over, you could cut strips or cover only the actual drawers or doors of the unit.

Image Credit: http://goo.gl/gRWa5j
Image Credit: http://goo.gl/gRWa5j

You could also decorate the inside of the cabinets with leftover wallpaper to add a little pizzaz to displays.

This way you’ll quite easily make use of excess materials without adding to our waste problem and end up with fashionable home decor to boot!

4.  Cool Pencil Colour Ornaments
What do you do with the tail end of your used colour Camlin Colour Pencil set? Don’t just discard them just because you can’t quite sharpen them anymore; here’s a simple way to convert them into funky, colourful wearable accessories:-

  • Using a hacksaw carefully cut off the end of the pencil colour sticks; about half a centimetre or more, depending on how you intend to wear them.
  • Use sandpaper to ensure that both ends are smooth and flat.
  • With a fine drill bit, make holes at one end of the colour pencil bits and treadle a twine or colourful string through; and
Image Credit: http://goo.gl/89C69
Image Credit: http://goo.gl/89C69

Voila, a very stylish and colourful bracelet/ necklace is born! Hexagonal colour pencils work best for this.

All of these items can easily be made or created with stuff that’s laying around the house or what you might throw away; so this Environment Day, get funky and help save our planet in a creative way!

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