3 Fun Summer Post Card Ideas


Summer vacation is just around the corner and the excitement is palpable in the air! It is now when the children find enough time to indulge in their hobbies. Experimenting with postcards is a fun summer idea that makes for beautiful designs!

What you will need:
Camel Canvas Roll
Camlin Wax Crayons
Students Water Colors
• Sponge

Follow the steps to learn how you make your own!

1. Post Cards with salt textures:


Using water colours, paint the canvas. Just before the colour loses its shine, while the canvas is still wet, sprinkle some salt over the painted area.


Once the paint dries, brush off the salt. You will see flower-like patterns left by the salt on the canvas.

Once the paint has dried and you see the unique formation, you can use it as your background to sketch beautiful designs.

Below is an image that you can use for inspiration!


This just an example, you can draw anything – be it flowers in a garden or the sky! The canvas is all yours, so have fun with it!

2. Postcards with sponge textures:


With a sponge, exquisite designs can be produced on the canvas! To create these fun designs, simply dip the sponge into a palette with the watercolour of your choice and create unique designs on the canvas, as shown in the above picture.

Once the paint dries up, you will get a canvas with an interesting design formation. You can use this as a background to start sketching your designs using a marker, in the colour of your choice.


Once you are done with the design, your postcard, made using a sponge, is good to go! Make any design of your choice and hang it up proudly!

3. Postcard with wax resist technique:


In this technique for making a postcard, we will be using wax crayons to create unique designs, as wax resists water. To start, begin drawing a design of your choice, with a white wax crayon on the canvas.


The marks left by white wax crayons can be seen when kept under a light. Once you are done with sketching the design, begin painting over it.


The paint won’t replace the design you had sketched using the wax crayons, as shown in the picture below.


Once the paint dries, your postcard, using the wax crayons, is ready!


Did you like these ideas? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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