3 DIY Creative Garden Decor Ideas for Kids


Gardens are great for creating your very own magical little forest and give you the chance to include your kids too. Here are some wonderful DIY garden décor ideas that both, you and your little ones will love.

Stick Gnomes
Gardens are famous for housing gnomes. But if yours does not have any, don’t worry. You can create cute stick gnomes to decorate your garden. You will need wood ice cream sticks, a black Camlin permanent marker, Camlin paint brushes, Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colours, Camlin Krafty glue and some cotton. Paint a small part the stick’s slightly pointed end red, to make it look like a hat.

Image Credits – http://bit.ly/2hrYiUJ

Leave about a ¾ inch empty and paint the lower portion of the stick any colour you want. Once dry, with cotton and glue, make a fluffy beard for the face. Draw on eyes, nose and a mouth with the marker, and your garden gnome is ready.

Rock Caterpillars
For this, you need smooth, small rocks (either buy them or make your kids search for them), Camlin’s Students’ Oil Colours, a black Camlin permanent marker, waterproof glue and small sticks. Start by painting the rocks in different shades. You can also use just one colour if you prefer. When completely dry, draw a face on one of the painted rocks; then stack the rocks together to assemble your caterpillar

Image Credits – http://bit.ly/2iHMuPj

Use glue to keep them in place. Glue the small sticks to your caterpillar’s head to form the antenna. Once dried, your rock caterpillars are ready to decorate your garden.

Fairy pond
A simple and extremely easy addition to your magical forest; you’ll need a bowl (medium or large), a large planter, some medium/small rocks, blue Camlin Fabrica Paints, a thick brush and some fairy dolls. Paint the bowl blue and let it dry well. Fill the planter with soil and dig out sufficient place to place the bowl under the soil so only the rim is visible.

Image Credits – http://bit.ly/2huTb6t

Pat the mud down to hold it in place. Paint the rocks in different colours and place them around the rim of the bowl once dry. Set the fairy dolls on the rocks and add colourful plants and lights to the setup to give it a more magical appearance.

These are just a few cool garden décor ideas you can enjoy with your kids. You can add things like bird feeders or fountains to give it a beautiful and welcoming appearance.

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