3 DIY at-home Games for those Rainy-Days


The rains have arrived and it’s time to break out those indoor games to play with your kids. Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Chess, Carom, cards etc. can be fun for family and friends. Just in case you want to try something new, we have put together a list of 3 super cool and unique board games.
Tackle the monsoon gloom and get those creative juices flowing with these fun and easy to create board games:

1. Don’t wake up the Shark!

You will need
• White card board
• A scissors
Camlin Plastic Crayons
Camlin Drawing Pencils

Making the game
Draw and cut out 1×1 inch square tiles on the white cardboard. The tiles can be bigger as long as you manage to get 30.
With the drawing pencils and crayons, draw a blue fish on 25 of the tiles, a shark on 3 tiles and a clown fish on the last 2 tiles.
A simple outline with your drawing pencil and the diligent use of blue, grey and orange plastic crayons can make your tiles quite interesting.

How to play
Lay your tiles face down in rows of 5.
The goal is to find both the clownfish first by taking a turn to flip a tile over.
You get no points for finding a blue fish and if you find a shark you miss a turn.
The game could be expanded by including more fish; including more clown fish that could be collected. The person with the most clown fish is the winner.


2. Bowling at home

You will need
• 8 toilet paper tubes
Camlin Colour Pencils
• Black card paper
Krafty Glue stick
• White Fabrica Acrylic Colour
• A crazy-ball (with extra bounce)

Making the game
Paint the tubes with white Fabrica Acrylic Colours. 2-3 coats should do the trick. Let it dry.
Paste a strip of black card paper at the top of the tube which will be considered the hat.
Using your creativity you can bring the tubes to life by drawing animated faces, shapes, patterns etc.

How to play
Set the tubes on one end of your dining table or on the ground. Think of it is as your own personal bowling alley with customised pins.


3. Indoor Fishing

You will need
• White Cardpaper or cardboard
• 2 sticks (about 2 feet in length)
• String
• 2 magnets
• Metal paper clips
• Krafty Glue
Camlin Plastic Crayons / Camlin Colour Pencils
• Scissors
• A wide bowl

Making the game
For your fish pond:
Cut out as many different fish shapes from the card paper/cardboard as you like.
Colour your fish as brightly as you can to make them as attractive as possible.
Firmly stick the paper clip to the mouth of each fish.
For your fishing rod:
Tie one end of the string to the tip of the stick and keep the length at least 1.5 feet or more.
At the other end of the string, tie a magnet. To make things interesting, draw a worm on a small piece of paper and stick it to the magnet to look like bait.
You can tie a ribbon around your fishing pole and decorate it as much as you want.

How to play
Place all the fish in a large bowl or in a pond marked on the ground.
Two can play at a time.
Try lifting as many fish out of the pond as possible with the help of your magnetic fishing rods
The player with the maximum catch wins.
You could also assign points to each fish, depending on the size so the player with the most points wins.


Playing with your kids at home is just as important as outdoor activities. These three simple DIY games will give you some bonding time with your kids while challenging their creative minds.

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