2 in 1 Camlin Geometric and Pencil Box


Geometry has always been every kid’s favourite part of math. However, when it comes to carrying a geometric box to school, kids often complain about needing to carry an extra box for the instruments as part of their studies. They would rather prefer if they didn’t have two separate boxes for writing and geometric equipment at all! With this insight in focus and our proposition in mind, we set out to make learning fun – we came up with a unique 2 in 1 Camlin Geometric and Pencil Box.

The 2 in 1 Camlin Geometric and Pencil Box was recently launched at R City Mall, Mumbai. This first-of-a-kind geometric box aims to be handy, without adding to the already heavy weight of the school bags of today’s children.

The 2 in 1 Camlin Geometric and Pencil Box comes in an ergonomic design that is not only sleek but also tough. It’s transparent box is made from high quality, unbreakable plastic which contains slots for pencils and geometric instruments in separate compartments. This has been done without compromising on the space required to fit in all of these items that are usually kept in two separate compass boxes, by habit. But now, students no longer have to keep separate boxes and they can enjoy carrying both in the same box.

The 2 in 1 Camlin Geometric and Pencil Box comes with a custom-designed mechanical pencil that ensures a firm grip in the compass. You get superior quality mechanical pencils for everyday school usage, along with 0.7mm leads. The instruments are specially designed to provide accuracy when it comes to drawing mathematical figures. Its high transparency, precision marked scale, protractor and set squares guarantee precision drawing.

The price is an affordable Rs. 200, per box. This geometric box is the result of an intensive research we have been doing for the past two years with children and teachers, to ensure we dive properly into consumer insights and product development.

In the end, we not only want to make learning fun for students, but also want to help them surge ahead in their studies by making their journey while studying a piece of cake.

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