10 Ways Camlin Made Our Childhood Fun


The memories of childhood last a lifetime. We asked people what their favourite Camlin Childhood Memories were and came up with these top 10:

1. Doodling in class with Camlin Flora Pencils: The last page of a notebook has always been a doodlers favourite! From portraits of the maths teacher with the large mole on her face, to playing tic tac toe, or playing FLAMES. All while pretending to be taking notes in our history notebooks.


2. Finding Camlin Crayons in Odd Places: Who hasn’t spent countless hours colouring in the summer holidays? Sprawled on the floor, on the sofa, at the dining table, on the neighbours terrace. No wonder mum would be surprised to find crayons in the plants between the cushions of the sofa.


3. Participating in the All India Camel Colour Contest: Ultimate bragging rights are earned in school if you win the All India Camel Colour contest. The best part about the contest was being able to bunk class just to draw, colour and paint!


4. Perfect Geometry Drawings: While algebra was always mindboggling, geometry was the only thing we loved about Maths class. And that brand new Camlin Geometry box was the only good thing about maths exams!


5. Writing on School Uniforms: The best part of the last day of school is writing on school uniforms! We wrote “You’re my best friend” messages and “Class 10 B is the best!” till the last drop of ink in our Camlin fountain pens. How many of you still have those school uniforms?


 6. Begging Our Parents to Buy ‘Cool’ Camlin Mechanical Pencils: Remember the time when refillable Camlin Mechanical pencils were all the rage? Our mothers always thought the ordinary pencils were good enough, but we could always blackmail dad! blogpic6

7. School Uniforms Smeared in Camlin Watercolours: No art class is complete without having a rainbow of colours smeared on your uniform. We’ve all been scolded by our mothers about the unsightly state of our multi-coloured school uniform, which was sparkling white just a few hours ago.


8. Pranks with Camlin Gum: Sticking a cockroach to the teachers chair or sticking pages of a pal’s notebook together were successful pranks only thanks to Camlin Gum!


9. Birthday Presents – New Oil Pastels – There is no such thing as too many oil pastels. Few things in life could excite us as much as a box full of colours!


10. Being Punished with the Camlin Ruler: And finally, school life is incomplete without paying tribute to the many times we have been threatened by the ruler, been smacked with the ruler or escaped the ruler.



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  1. We had our weekly art class on Wednesday. I still remember how my mother used to react on seeing my white school uniform stained in different shades of Camlin water colour. Now I am facing the same problem with my 7 year old.

  2. Let me count how many Camlin products I have now, a Camlin fountain pen, Flora pencils, a scale and a rubber… The number used to be more during my school days 🙁

  3. I never spoiled the school uniform of my friends by writing on them with my ink pen, but I definitely used my Camlin fountain pen to write a lot of things on my brother’s uniform.

  4. For me school was a place to have fun. I was not too keen to spend time thinking about how much marks I can score in a particular class test and was more interested in knowing whether all my friends are present. I had maximum fun during the drawing classes and the main components used for having fun were all Camlin creations 🙂

  5. I had a big set of Camlin oil pastels that my sister gifted me on my 7th birthday. It was the time when no other child of my class had that big set. I remember how proud I used to feel to have the set 🙂

  6. I am a mother of two little kids, a 5 year old and a 7 year old. Both of them use Camlin products and do almost all the things mentioned here. I am truly witnessing a repeat of my childhood.

  7. Is there anyone who cannot relate to all these events? I am sure the number will not be too high. Camlin products were a part of school days for most of us.

  8. I have been a part of or done almost every single thing mentioned here; and now seeing my little 5 year old doing the same things. The thrill I experience now might be different but equally intense.

  9. A pencil and rubber are of more use to thought than a battalion of assistants. To happiness the same applies as to truth: one does not have it, but is in it.

  10. Thanks for the post it makes me prompt my childhood day, even I even have all the fun with my friends in my childhood days and wont to obtain all the cool stuffs of camlin liked , pure mathematics box, camlin gum, and my favorite camlin mechanical pencils.

  11. Good programe.I am participating every kokuyocamlin contest.I like very much.my children also using camlin’s all products&they enjoying with camlin.

  12. Once I got punished after painting a smiley on my friend’s school uniform 😛 I had to stand outside the classroom for 20 minutes.

    The day was bad for me, but I remember the fun I had when drawing the smiley quite clearly 🙂

  13. I want my little one to experience all these as I have also done all these things and had a lot of fun at school. He is just 2 and already loves scribbling with Camlin mechanical pencils 🙂

  14. I was extremely fond of geometry and my Camlin geometry box played a big role in making me a fan of the subject. I still have the Camlin geometry box I used at school with me.

  15. If you haven’t experienced all those things when at school, you haven’t lived a great childhood. Teachers at my school were extremely strict, still I managed to do things like writing on my friend’s uniform with my Camlin fountain pen or splashing Camlin water colour onto other students. Hehe…

  16. I had some fun-filled time when at school and for that I owe a lot to Camlin merchandises… My favourite one of them all was Camlin glue; a great tool for pranksters like me…

  17. Once I splashed an entire bowl of prepared water colour onto my best friend’s shirt to start a colour battle in the art class. I still remember how fun-filled that day was for all of us.

  18. I remember the days when owning a Camlin geometry Box was a matter of pride always. also my day wouldnot end without using camlin colours . Camlin=childhood Fun

  19. I was the biggest prankster of my class and my favourite weapon was a Camlin water colour set and Camlin gum. Wondering whether the present day kids also love to spend time playing such pranks.

  20. I used to buy stationeries from a local shop. The person in charge of the store always recommended Camlin products and used to tell how great their quality was. I never used any other brand.

  21. From childhood I have been exposed to this brand Camlin… When I was young, I still remember the first pencil I used was Flora… Cannot forget the sharpener, eraser and scale… I used to love sharpening the pencils… We would have a bet who can finish the pencil faster… After that I have used the Camel colours right through my school days… The Scholar geometry box was an integral part of my bag…

    This has been one brand which has been there from my formative years till I have grown up… Now I am hoping my kids have a lot of fun with it since Camlin made my life a fun filled world beyond which I could not see anything… I love you Camlin!!!

  22. I was that ill-fated kid who never got the chance of using Camlin mechanical pencils. I did use it borrowing from others, but never had my own piece. I feel really bad for that even today 🙁

  23. This makes a really exciting read and for a few minutes I was back in my school enjoying all those thrilling moments with my friends.

  24. I remember the exciting sword fights with Camlin scale. The scale brought out the warriors within us so successfully. Whts Say u all??

  25. I hated my art class, but loved Camlin art supplies. For me, they were great ways of having fun and spending some thrilling times with my child. I got scolded by my parents and teachers time and again for playing pranks with those art supplies, but today when I look back they only appear as happy memories for me.

  26. Today I am in a painting business, but I also never shied away from using my Camlin painting supplies for playing pranks and having fun. This one thing binds many individuals of my age and also several people from following generations together.

  27. I can’t remember the exact year, but I won a constellation prize at the All India Camel Colour Contest and Neha, one of my best friends in school won the first prize. Good old days those were…

  28. I remember the days when I used to take part in All India Camel colour contest pretty vividly. Both my parents used to accompany me to the venue. Camel colours and childhood are synonymous to me.

  29. Thank God the cover of the Camlin Geometry Box looks the same as it used to look when I was in school; a great way to get nostalgic and cherish many happy memories.

  30. I still have an old pencil box that I used to take to school when I was in 5th standard. It contains a few small pieces of the Camlin floral pencils 🙂 Great childhood moments.

  31. Is there anyone who didn’t love flaunting his/her Camlin mechanical pencils? I dnt think there are many.. I surely loved showing off those priced possessions..

  32. I am a member of the Camlin family since the time I was admitted to the school. I am still a member as I always buy Camlin products for my kids. It is better to say that I don’t feel like going for any other brand.

  33. I remember my old house, which was located in the outskirts of the city did not have a single wall that had no figures drawn on it with Camlin wax crayons. Those were artworks I created as a child. My mother used to get angry 🙂 but my father was always on my side. Happy days !!!!

  34. I have never taken part in the All India Camel Colour contest, but have always used Camlin pencils, erasers and colours whenever I have taken part in any art competition. The story is same even for my 6 year old daughter.

  35. I still have the shirt with messages written on it by my close school mates. It’s been almost a decade, but the Camlin ink is still shining bright.

  36. Camlin scale and the Flora pencils are things I am using since the first day at school. Love the attractive design of these special pencils !!!!

  37. Camlin and school are two words that made my childhood colourful. I treasure all those memories they offered by and will do so till I breathe my last.

  38. I used to fight with my sister as she often broke my Camlin oil pastels. Now, I see my 4 year old and 8 year old doing the same thing. Love the fact that we are all members of the same family, Camlin family 😛

  39. I still have the last pack of Camlin wax crayon I used at my school’s art class with me. These are surely memories to be treasured and cherished.

  40. I still remember the day when I got my first box of Camlin oil pastels; I was only 3 year old then, but somehow the even never left my head. Since then, I have never your colours manufactured by any other company.

  41. Just now I opened my old school bag where my mother has kept a number of items I used as a student… It includes 5 Camlin creations, a box of oil pastel, a scale, two pencils, a rubber and a pack of water colour… Camlin is the other name of childhood even for me 🙂

  42. I don’t know whether I am pampering the child in me too much or not, bt I am ready to accept that I still luv playing the cockroach prank using Camlin glue with my near and dear ones. My latest prey is my 10 yr old niece.

  43. I loved the print on the Camlin Flora pencils. I remember that I never allowed by father to purchase any other product besides these pencils.

  44. I was never a very creative person, but still Camlin is an integral part of my school days; I did most of the things mentioned here and a smile comes on my face whenever I think about those days.

  45. Camlin has one of the best products which I have ever used… It was my favourite right through my school days and till today I use the products in my professional life…

    Also, I have heard that it is selling KOKUYO products which are very innovative and I love them… They are just brilliant….

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