Artist of the month: Bhavna Misra

Bhavna Misra

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Name: Bhavna Misra
Portrait Artist

1. What is the best thing about being an artist?

An artist extends an invitation to a conversation via self expression. An art piece communicates without aid of a language and can connect a diverse audience through a common platform. The viewer takes home what he/she pleases.

2. When did you decide to come into the art world?

I had been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. From Spring of 2014, I started to paint professionally. I paint every day and keep log of my work on my blog and update the artwork on my facebook page regularly.

3. Tell us something about your art education and early career.

I was born in India and moved to US in late nineties. I am a trained engineer with two
masters degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. I worked in Bay Area, California
in the field of hardware engineering and IT solutions. In 2010 - 11, I went on a
sabbatical, during which, I took drawing and painting classes at community college. In
both classes I received perfect grades. My artwork got accepted into the Student Spring
Show. That point on, I considered making art my full-time job.
I do not have a formal education in arts. But I am very thankful that family supported my
decision and my artwork helped me pursue the chosen path. Timely recognitions in form
of awards and prizes validated my art presence and I now look forward to what's more to

I do not copyright my work. I would like everyone to enjoy it without the hassles of
copyrighting. My work has been shown in many exhibitions in San Francisco East Bay
and have been recognized for the awards in portraiture.


4. Which is your favorite medium?

I work in oil, pastel, charcoal and graphite. For most heirloom portraiture, I prefer oil due to its
texture, versatility, and the elegant output.

5. What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and sincerity in people. Portaiture has been my chosen genre as I like to paint faces. I feel that every face is beautiful and I am glad that there are no two alike! I also paint other things such as, landscapes and abstracts - a humble attempt to mimic the grace of nature.

6. Which was the highest point in your artistic career?

I would say, it has yet to come.

A portrait artist's work involves around the reaction of the sitter on his/ her own portrait.
Nothing gives me more pleasure than the approval from the sitter and a happy smile that comes with the validation. Every accomplishment encourages me to push myself and do better next time.

7. How do you manage to work across a variety of mediums?

Every medium has its own spectrum of highs and lows. I choose on demand of the subject.
Most times, its self directed but sometimes, I try different media until I know what would work

8. Can you give us some examples of the messages you have tried to convey through your

Through my portraites, I like to capture the essence of the sitter - that special something that
sets us all apart and makes us a unique individual in a natural, beautiful manner.
I hope the audience can establish a connection between the subject and themselves through the expression.

I put in a lot of work to delight the viewer through tight likeness and direct gaze.

9. Your works are generally realistic? Do you paint in some other genre also?

I take great deal of care to make a portrait look life-like, but I don't prefer photo-realism to do
that. In fact, many times, I alter the colors to considerable extents to suit the personality of the
subject and add drama to the overall portrait. Most of the backgrounds are created in a painterly abstract manner.

I accept commissions for all genres of subjects and also make artwork for the open market
such as, landscapes, mythical scenes, abstracts and decorative artwork.

10. Who is your favourite artist? Indian & International

There are so many to choose from!
For Indian, I would go for Raja Ravi Varma. What inspires me the most is how he conveyed
realism and provoked emotions in the viewer. He took the Indian art to a very desired and
respectable level.

For International, Frida Kahlo. Her paintings are a bold and agonizing visual journal of her life.

11. If you were not an artist, what would you be?

An engineer. I would have returned back to the field of my training.

12. Who is your current favorite out of the young artists?

There are many whose work I admire, one that stands out is, Gwenn Seemel. Her dediction to art is inspiring and hugely remarkable.

13.What would you like to say to the young artists? Especially to the ones who could not
study art in the organized manner but yet want to pursue art seriously.

Art is very forgiving when it comes to a line-up of a formal college degrees and if you truly
love what you do, it rewards you manyfold.

It requires patience, hard-work, and preparedness. The very first attempt may not get you there but if you keep trying, you will achieve it. You need to work with focus and with all your
creativity. Prepare yourself well so when the right opportunity comes, you can enjoy and create your best art!

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