Artist of the month: Vagaram Choudhary

Vagaram Choudhary

An Acrylic and Charcoal painter,completed Masters in Drawing and Painting from MLS University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) post which he moved to Mumbai.

 1. What is the best thing about being an artist?
Being an artist, I can express both my inner and outer reactions through my thoughts. This is something that makes me happy.

2. When did you decide to come into the art world? Who has inspired you for the same?
I never dreamt of becoming an artist, but I think it comes naturally to me. When I was in school, I decided to do something related to my interests. I was inspired by my friend who painted very well and I was always fascinated with comics. They always attracted more of my attention.

3. Tell us something about your art education and early career
I have completed my Masters in Drawing and Painting from MLS University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) post which I moved to Mumbai. An artist friend helped me out and he provided me with studio space here. I think starting a career is always difficult for an artist. At times, I worked for Visual effect concept designs in films and explored new possibilities for a new medium of art.

4. Which is your favorite medium?
My favorite medium is Acrylic and Charcoal video. But nowadays I am experimenting with new mediums that would be helpful in my expression.

5. What inspires you?
I am really inspired by our culture and nature. I really love to paint symbolic form of art in objective ways.

6. Which was the highest point in your artistic career?
Every part of my career has been the highest point, because every day I get new opportunities to reach greater heights. I think for an artist, each day should be their highest point.

7. How do you manage to work across a variety of mediums?
I am always looking new mediums. Once the medium fits me, I explore the possibilities. For me, the medium plays a very important role.

8. Can you give us some examples of the messages you have tried to convey through your paintings?
I have two sides to my life; one is the rural and another is my urban life. Both sides are intertwined through life and culture. So, I try to reproduce both rich cultures using the most ordinary day-to-day elements which impart an influence so great, that not only it leaves generations venerating its ingenuity and wisdom, but also practicing it, albeit in pockets. I seem to draw strength from our vast social and cultural tidbits as I tend to express my deepest influences through any art forms which I try to integrate into my individual works.
As an Artist my art work tends to evasively seep through the medium as my inner scuffle with the subject and its diabolic impressions is expressed through repetitive precedents, intriguingly finding place. A variety of art forms and styles are borrowed from and subtle influences can be detected.

9. Your works are generally abstract? Do you paint in some other genre also?
I do not always think about my work as abstract or figurative. I depend on imagination and expression to get interesting forms. It could be, say, symbolic of relation between daily life and inner impression.

10. Who is your favourite artist? Indian & International
My favorite artist is Mr. Dudi. He is extraordinary. I was influenced a lot by post-impressionist artists and Otto Piene.

11. If you were not an artist, what would you be?
Then, maybe I would’ve become a farmer. But I would still have my farm studio where I would practice my art some time.
I could have been, say, a farmer artist!

12. Who is your current favorite out of the young artists? O
I think all young artists are very well. I think it is difficult to mention one particular name. I consider myself to be a young artist as well.

13. What would you like to say to the young artists? Especially to the ones who could not
study art in the organized manner but yet want to pursue art seriously.
Some people are born with an artistic nature, so it is not necessary that he/she gets art education. It depends on how seriously you are attached with art. So if you want to take art seriously, then do not stop before becoming an artist. Art institutions give you some structure, but they cannot make an artist.

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