Artist of the month: Amit Dutt

Amit Dutt

Meet Amit Dutt, Kokuyo Camlin's Artist of the Month.

 1. What is the best thing about being an artist?
To experience freedom, to live without any limits and boundaries.

2. When did you decide to come into the art world? Who has inspired you for the same?
After my schooling, I decided to follow my heart. I can happily say now that the hearts call is always the best call. Mr. Amrut Patel, an eminent artist of our times always remained my inspiration.

3. Tell us something about your art education and early career.
I did a five year diploma in applied arts from the Shilpa Bharti Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts, Delhi affiliated from Directorate of College Education, Jaipur under Govt. of Rajasthan.

4. You have taught for a very long time. How much have you enjoyed it?
For almost 25 years now. I enjoy and live every moment when I am surrounded with young talents. Their creativity, deep urge and energy drives me. I wish to continue teaching art for as long as I can.

5. Was it easy to continue the creative journey, holding a demanding job like teaching?
For me painting is like life. It always continues to pour itself on canvas and paper with every breath of mine. I would rather say, being a teacher, my creative journey has been more interesting and fulfilling.

6. Which is your favorite medium?
I love to work in any medium experimenting and finding new ways but charcoal remains my all-time favorite.

7. What inspires you?
Anything can be an inspiration. It depends on that very moment.

8. Which was the highest point in your artistic career?
I don’t see highs and lows in terms of money which I can make out of my work. It’s all about my inner satisfaction. Painting for me is a dialogue with my soul.

9. How do you manage to work across a variety of mediums?
It happens very naturally for me. I never put an extra effort to beautify anything. Whatever comes naturally, goes naturally on the canvas.

10. Can you give us some examples of the messages you have tried to convey through your paintings?
My works are mostly meditation based, a journey of discovering existence. The immense satisfaction of experiencing your Being. The harmony of anything with everything. The joys, the sorrows, the dreams and the realities.

11. Who is your favourite artist? (Indian & International)
Amrut Patel, Sunil Das, Tyeb Mehta, MF Hussain, Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt.

12. If you were not an artist, what would you be?
A sportsperson.

13. As a teacher you must have had your favorite students. Can you name a few whom you appreciate and can feel proud of?
I am proud of my each and every student. To name any would be an injustice for the rest of my students.

14. What would you like to say to the young artists?
Especially to the ones who could not study art in the organized manner but yet want to pursue art seriously. An artist should not be bounded by anything. Creativity and art is welcome in all forms. Anybody who can put across what he/she feels in any form is an artist for me. Also, commercialisation should not be the sole aim of the artist. It affects originality. I can finally say, always keep your work going and never stop.

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