Artist of the month: Aniket Khupse

Aniket Khupse

Meet Aniket Khupse, Kokuyo Camlin's Artist of the Month.

1. What is the best thing about being an artist?
The best thing about being an Artist is that I can explore new and contemporary themes, techniques, textures and a lot more to draw expressions.

2. Teaching or Paintings – What do you enjoy doing the most?
I enjoy teaching foundation students in the Art College and painting with water colours on acid free papers.

3. What inspires you?
I’m inspired by nature, urban life, skills and Yoga.

4. How do you manage to work across such a wide variety of mediums?
I find working with Acrylic on both paper and canvas very easy. I also enjoy water colours on paper and oil pastels on paper.

5. How do you rate Camel products? What you think is missing in the range?
Camel products are all high quality. They cover everything that’s needed; I don’t think there’s anything missing in the range.

6. How and when did you decide to join the world of art?
I had my mind set on joining the art world right from my childhood days. I first got interested when I was in 7th standard. After my schooling, I joined J.J. School of Arts and then after my post graduation I began painting. My journey began with my first solo exhibition- Memories at Jehangir Art Gallery- in 2000.

7. Which is the most memorable series or show you have worked on?
A Page from My Diaries – 2010 and Tantra of Life – 2015

8. Do you try to convey something through your works? Can you give us some examples of the messages you have tried to convey through your paintings in past?
I’ve always tried to portray some belief, hope and dependence or reliance on support. Also trust, through balance and actions.

9. Who are your favourite artists? Both, the ones from past and from the current lot.
My favourites are M. F. Hussain from the past and Anju Dodiya from our present artists.

10. If you were not an artist, what would you be?
I’d probably be a Civil Engineer.

11. Do you interact with the audience? Please tell us about the most memorable interaction you had?
Of course yes, I like to interact with the audience during my exhibitions. The most memorable was during my most recent solo exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in 2015.


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