Rainbow Forest


Looking for an interesting summer vacation art idea? This rainbow forest DIY idea might just be the thing for you! It is simple and makes for a pretty cool wall art. Make your very own DIY rainforest art by following the steps laid out, as below.

What you will need:
Camlin Synthetic Gold Flat Hair Brushes
Premium Poster Colour 12 Shade Trial Pack (10ml)
Black Chalkboard paper
A Palette
White Chart paper


Step 1:
Start by drawing acute triangles on a white chart paper. You will need triangles in various sizes. The bigger triangles are going to be the snow-clad mountains.

Now, cut out large rectangles, a circle and tiny pieces of paper to show the sun and its expressions. Using glue, stick the rectangles (as the sun rays) around the circle, add the sun’s eyebrows, nose and mouth and complete the sun.


Step 3:
Next, start painting the bigger triangles in greys and white for the snow-clad mountains. After you are done, keep the snow-clad mountains to dry while you paint the sun.


While these dry, paint the smaller triangles and large rectangles in a variety of colours, like shades of green, blue and red, as shown in the image below. Begin by painting these a lighter shade of each colour. Once this layer of the paint dries, dip some scrunched-up paper in darker shades of paint and start imprinting on the paper. You should get the same effect as shown in the picture.


You can now glue the sun and the clouds on the black chalkboard paper. Next up, stick the bigger triangles (the snow-clad mountains on the black chalkboard paper). Let these dry.

Step 6:
Once all the above-mentioned items dry, stick the rest of the triangles. Cut out tiny pieces of paper in a rectangular shape and paste below each multi-coloured triangle. Your rainbow forest is now ready!


Did you like this DIY rainbow forest idea? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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