Paper plate rainbow craft


Playing outside may get restricted due to heavy rains. In such a scenario, working with paints at home and indulging in creativity may be just the thing you need to keep your kids busy, this rainy season!

Here is an idea that is a fun rain craft for preschoolers.

Rainbows & Rain

What you will need:

• Cotton balls
• Paper plate
• Camlin Sketch Pens
• Scissors
Crafty White Glue

What you need to do:

Getting the shape right:
Cut the paper in half, with scissors.

Making the rainbow:
Make the arch of the rainbow by cutting a small semicircle from the middle portion of the plate.

Getting the colours right:
Using the Camlin sketch pens, colour the rainbow on your plate.

Rain clouds:
Use cotton balls to make the rain clouds in your craft, as shown in the picture.

There are many art ideas that can be explored when it comes to rain craft for kindergarten kids. This particular idea is an easy to make paper plate rainbow craft idea that you can teach your kiddo!

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