Nature’s Imprint with Paint


Nature has been designed intricately. Why not capture the intricate details in beautiful art by imprinting the shapes onto a paper with paint?

Here are three ideas that you can use to depict the simple, yet intricate details of nature through art.

1. Leaf Paint

You will need
• Real leaves
Camlin Artist’s Water Colours as paint
Camlin Paint Brush
• Old newspapers
• Palette

• Collect leaves of various shapes and sizes.
• Cover your work area with the old newspapers.
• Prepare the paint in the paper plates that you will use as palettes. Add the different colours from the Camlin Artist’s Water Colours in each paper plate and keep them ready for use.
• Take a leaf and paint one side entirely with the chosen colour.
• Press this leaf to the paper.
• Remove the leaf to reveal the beautiful imprint left by the leaf.
• Repeat this process with the leave you have gathered from different sizes, using different shapes.
• You could even experiment by painting different colours on the same leaf to create a rainbow effect.

2. Potato Print Owl

You will need
Camlin Artist’s Water Colours
Camlin Artist’s Acrylic Colours Set
• Potatoes
Camlin Paint Brush
Camlin Krafty White Glue
• Paper plates
• Scissors
• Spare paper

• Ask a parent to cut the potatoes into two halves. Ask them to cut out a small portion from each of the potatoes’ middle section such that it creates two pointy ears of the owl.
• Next, prepare the paint from the Camlin Artist’s Water Colours in the paper plates that you will use as palettes.
• Cut out round shapes from the paper. Colour the smaller ones with black paint to make the pupils of the eyes.
• Stick the pupils onto the white round shapes. These will be used later as the eyes for the owls.
• Dip half of the potato in the paint and stamp it onto the paper. These will be our owls.
• Once all the owls are done, paint a tree branch under the owls using the paint brush. Also, add leaves to complete the painting.
• After the paint dries, stick the eyes using Camlin Krafty White Glue.
• Use the Camlin Artist’s Acrylic Colours Set to finish up by painting the beak and the feet of the owls.

3. Celery For Roses

You will need
• Celery
Camlin Artist’s Acrylic Colours
• Paper
Camlin paint brush
• Paper plates

• Ask a parent to cut the celery.
• Using Camlin Artist’s Acrylic Colours, pick your favourite shade of roses and keep the paint colour of your choice ready in the paper plate.
• Dip the celery in the paint and stamp it on the paper.
• Paint the stem and leaves to finish your art piece.

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