Manonmaya: A Master Micro Painter


We recently received a wonderful gift from a young talented artist – Master Manonmaya Tandula. We were awestruck with the gift he had sent us. Along with a hand-written letter, he sent us a rice grain that had our Brand name, ‘CAMLIN’, inscribed by him.

We have seen a lot of micro-art in the museums and also seen a couple of artists practicing it at the tourist sites, but to master this at a tender age of 12-13 is amazing and credible! It requires a lot of concentration, evolved fine motor skills and determination to be able to paint and write on a small surface offered by a grain of rice.

It is through the exploration of art by young artists like Manonmaya that art finds expression! As a company that is a strong advocate of art and education, we are truly grateful that our efforts to promote art are reaching those who nurse artistic talents, such as portrayed by Manonmaya.

We want all artists out there – young and old, to keep expressing their creativity through art.

Keep creating and sharing your art! All the best!

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