Learn to make heart shaped quills for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it seems as though love is in the air! Here’s a DIY gifting idea that you and your kids can make a beautiful, delicate heart out of quilling paper. It is a simple and perfect Valentine’s Day home décor item that even kids can make try their hands at.


What you will need:
• Quilling paper cut into strips
• Thick cardboard paper
Camlin Glue
• Zigzag scissors (as shown in the image)
• Stationery knife
Camlin Drawing Pencil
• Toothpicks
One brush to paint and a spare brush (to apply glue)
Artists’ Acrylic Colour 12 Assorted Colours

Begin once you have all the things required for this art project in one place.

Draw a heart on the cardboard and give it an outline at about 6-7 mm distance. Once you finish drawing the heart shape of your liking, cut it out using the zigzag scissors.


Cut the inner heart out with the help of the stationery knife.


Now, using the toothpicks, quill the quilling paper strips, as shown in the picture. Make a variety of sizes in the designs to add interest and beauty. Once you are done with quilling, place all the quills inside the heart and glue them onto the cardboard paper.


To make sure that the heart isn’t broken in places, apply the glue in between spirals and also at the point of contact between the cardboard frame and the spirals. Remove any excess glue gently with the help of a paper towel.


All of the empty spaces in between each spiral should be filled, to make the heart look even more exquisite! Make smaller spirals and glue them into the tinier spaces in between the bigger spirals to cover all areas, as shown in the image below.


Once the glue dries, you can start adding the finishing touches. Use a thin gold ribbon to create a loop for hanging and tie it around the cardboard. Paint the cardboard part with white paint to highlight the pink spirals.


Once the paint dries, your heart is ready! Gift it to a loved one or hang it in your own home and enjoy a sweet Valentine’s Day!

Did you like our Valentine’s Day craft idea for kids? Do share with us in the comments below!

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