Cotton Ball Art Ideas For Kids


The monsoons are raging on; it’s a time when children tend to get a little bored due to the lack of any outdoor activity. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still have tons of fun getting creative at home.

Here are some fun ideas using everyday cotton balls that you can use to spark that creative fire in your kids with.

Cotton paintball on canvas

You will need
• Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colours
• Camel Acrylic Palette
• Camlin Canvas
• Cotton

Mix a couple of bright and distinct shades in your Camel Acrylic Palette. Place a canvas a few feet away from where you and your kids would be standing. Now make small balls out of cotton or get a packet of the readymade cotton balls from the local chemist and dip them in random colours (one at a time) and throw them at the canvas. Ask your kids to follow suit. Even without an artistic aim, a beautiful pattern is bound to emerge.
Tip: Make sure you cover the ground and souring area with newspaper to manage colour spills. This is better done in a garage, if possible to avoid messing up your home.

Bottle a Galaxy

You will need
• Empty Water Bottle
• 3-4 Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colour
• Cups
• Funnel
• Medium sized cotton balls
• Glitter
• Water

Fill the bottle up completely with the cotton balls. Use a pencil or stick to shove them further inside. Make sure you add some glitter in between the cotton balls, enough for it to be seen around the edges.
Choose some options from the Acrylic Colours in different cups. Add a good amount of water to get a rich and fluid colour mix. Now pour the mixture through the funnel into the bottle.
Experiment with different ‘space’ themed shades. Repeat the process until the bottle is maxed out and close the lid. You will have successfully captured your own galaxy in a bottle!

Owl Art

Your will need
• Gold, black, brown, orange and yellow card paper
• 3 Large size cotton balls
• Camlin Krafty Glue stick
• Scissors

Draw the outline of a tree bark on the brown paper and cut it out. Stick this to the Black card paper.
Take the cotton balls and stick them a little above the bark leaving room for the feet.
Cut out 6 simple trident shapes from the orange paper and stick them upside down below the cotton balls for the feet.
For the beaks and eyes cut 3 triangles from the orange card paper and 6 small circles from the yellow paper. Add black dots in between the yellow cut-outs. Now stick the beaks and eyes on the cotton to finish your owls.
Cut out stars from the Golden paper and create a midnight background.
Your owl’s night out is ready.
Taking a cue from the above you can create your own art. Improvising something new with your child will nurture your bond and also your creative ideas.


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