Arushi’s big fan moment with Camlin!


How many children, out there, have a special skill that goes unnoticed due to lack of support and opportunity? We may never really know! What if they were given a chance to show the world their talent? What would they achieve in life with this exposure? It would surely change their world, for the better!

Arushi Sawant is one such child – she loves to draw and colour. She is very artistically-inclined, and after looking at some of her work, one can tell that she’s a promising prodigy for sure. She also happens to be an ardent Camlin fan!

When asked about how she discovered the artist in her daughter, Arushi’s mother said, “On our visits to a mall, most kids her age would run to the toy section, but Arushi would go to the section where you get art supplies. She would use the material to make lovely greeting cards for friends and family members. That’s how I knew she would be an artist, someday.”

In the midst of busy school schedules and stressful exams, this little gem of an artist created a wonderful piece of art which her mother sent to Camlin, as a token of her gratitude. What Arushi and her mother didn’t anticipate was what the brand did next! Camlin showcased her story to inspire youngsters to keep exploring their artistic side.

Camlin is always looking for young talent and encouraging them to reach for the stars when it comes to their art. The brand wants to keep enabling artists to enjoy learning, by making it fun!

Here’s what Arushi’s mother, Meghna Sawant, had to say about this, “Even today, in India, young girls such as Arushi, who have hobbies, do not get their families’ support in fulfilling their dreams. Coming from a conservative family where girls do not get as many opportunities as boys, I wanted to ensure that Arushi received the right platform to showcase her talent. That’s why I sent Arushi’s art to Camlin, as it is her favourite brand. I’m grateful to Camlin for featuring Arushi’s story and inspiring other girls to pursue their hobbies.”

Arushi’s work was showcased by the brand; the Camlin community showed their love and support by liking and sharing her work.

Camlin made Arushi feel special by creating a video which highlighted her love for drawing and colouring.

This video is a classic example of how a brand can create a genuine bond with its users! Camlin does a great job at this, while inspiring its users to create art.

Sometimes children just need a push in the right direction, the direction in which their hearts are already headed towards, and you’d be surprised at the difference it will make for them!

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