Adding colour to your home


blog9We all need a bit of colour in our homes. And with a little bit of art and craft, you can do so much! A few art pieces to hang on the wall, painting a lampshade, artistic placemats, play dough 3D models…the options are endless!

Let’s start with a few examples:

1. Hang Artwork –Your kids should feel proud of their artwork! So, hang it up in their room or use it as a centrepiece in the main room to add a personal and colourful touch to the bedroom!

2. Use some 3D glitter to add embellishments to an existing door or add a nameplate using acrylic colours as well as glitter glue and make a plain, boring door come alive.

3. Use fabric paints to paint an old lampshade and give it a new look and bring a vibrant dose of colour in your room.

4. Get art pieces made by kids or other family members, laminated and use them as placemats in your dining area. Eating together will become even more fun!

5. If you are more artistically inclined and like to experiment, you can even try your hand at painting right into a blank wall with anything that catches your fancy.

There’s tons more you can do to make the house more colourful and bring a personal element into everything that you do.  All products mentioned above can be found at:

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  1. My sister has bought a new home and since a long time I have been looking for a gift that will make a place in her heart instantly 🙂 Now, I know what I should give her. I will turn an artist to make my sister happy; I’ll paint her house with rich Camlin colors…

  2. Out of all the guidelines provided here, the last one appealed most to me. I have used Camlin colors for creating some really eye catching murals in my bedroom.

  3. I made my wife read this post as I knew with her great creative abilities she will surely be able to make best use of the tips provided here. I was right; my home is more colorful now than it was last week.

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